Agro-Perma-Lab: Propagating seed leaders-educators of Community Seed Homes’ and Seed-savers’ Networks


12 Polish seed educators and community activists empowered and skilled-up in educational and organisational strategies for the development of future CSBs.


Dr Denise Dostatny (1st day) – technical skilling up; seed-saving standards for community groups 3 online trainers from allied organisations/project (Arche Noah, Seed Cooperative, EcoRuralis) (webinar) – experiences and insights from mature Community Seed Projects Joanna Bojczewska (2nd Day)- facilitating Community Seed Homes  Weronika Koralewska (3rd Day) with 2 seed-farmers –  MasterMind sessions on participants’ projects development and Community Toolkit on CSB Process & Design 


Ptasia Dolina (Bird Valley), Lower Silesia, Poland. Called “The House of Creative Meetings”; a permaculture smallholding with seed-saving, food growing and food soveriegnty and animal husbandry activities with strong local and community orientation.  

Target group

Seed educators, savers and activists, as well as community leaders and social innovators (urban and rural) working to develop practical applications in agroecology & permaculture


Non-formal transformative education methods Experience sharing – Circle Dialogo de Soberes – Dialogue of Different Types of Knowledges Master Mind sessions Summaries and introductions of sections by participants Community and solidarity building elements; Developing three aspects of competence: knowledge, values and skills

Documentation and evaluation

Draft Toolkit in Polish: Community Seed Home building & community process Summary notes from sessions by rotating participants; Recordings of online presentations from abroad (later added subtitles); Record of ideas and projects being developed by participants; Short reports about implementation of their skills and from follow-ups; Feedback sessions and anonymous surveys